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1E Gold 1E empowers the world’s largest and most distributed organizations to simplify and speed up the complete software lifecycle, from request to delivery, management, retirement, and procurement of software. Businesses today need to react quickly to new opportunities and for that they need fast, agile IT. Through its suite of easy to use, fast and secure tools 1E automates each stage of the software lifecycle, providing consumer grade self-service with enterprise grade governance.
Secunia Gold Secunia, acquired by Flexera Software in late 2015, is recognized industry-wide as a significant global player, within the IT security ecosystem, in the niche of Software Vulnerability Management. The award-winning portfolio equips corporate and private customers worldwide with Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment, and automated Security Patch Management tools to manage and control software vulnerabilities across networks and endpoints.

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Nutanix Gold Nutanix delivers web-scale IT infrastructure to medium and large enterprises with its software-driven Virtual Computing Platform, natively converging compute and storage into a single solution to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter. Customers can start with a few servers and scale to thousands, with predictable performance and economics. With a patented elastic data fabric and consumer-grade management, Nutanix is the blueprint for application-optimised and policy-driven infrastructure.

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LabCenter Gold LabCenter is an independent meeting place for us who work professionally with advanced IT. LabCenter is part of the puzzle that brings together experts, technology providers, companies and organizations in a neutral place where IT professionals and developers can evaluate and labs with the latest technology, a community in reality where we develop together and create tomorrow’s solutions.

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